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Okay, so I managed to get my two NICs working and configured on my Dom0 before creating the my-network-script as suggested on the URL.

This is the second time actually going through the setup. In both instances, the machine is unreachable via SSH (or any protocol for that matter) after implementing the script.

I can login at the terminal. Upon watching the messages on the screen, I see two related to my NICs. They read:

Waiting for peth0 to negotiate link...
Ignoring unknown interface xenbr0=xenbr0.
Waiting for peth1 to negotiate link.
Ignoring unknown interface xenbr1=xenbr1.
If I login and type the ifconfig command, only the lo, peth0, and peth1 interfaces are shown. eth0 and eth1 are missing.

Any suggestions?

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