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Default VMware, LTSP and Ubuntu 8.04

To those of us who are running an LTSP server on Ubuntu 8.04 . . .

I installed VMware following the "How To Install VMware Server (Version 1.0.6) On An Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop" instruction.

By the way, great work, I have used many of these howtoforge howto's to success. Thank's everyone.

So, I had a functional LTSP install from the Ubuntu 8.04 alternate CD. When I installed VMware following the above instructions, that indicate sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential xinetd to install some necessary packages.

After VMware install, it was discovered that our LTSP clients would not boot to a desktop. Rather, they stopped at a BusyBox prompt complaining about mount errors.

Further investigation found that xinetd install will un-install the default inetd service used by a Debian/Ubuntu install (Debian decided to name it openbsd-inetd for some reason.)

Then, re-installing openbsd-inetd service (which un-installs the xinetd service) to my Ubuntu distro, that repaired my LTSP install and the clients could again boot properly.

With xinetd now un-installed, I was concerned that VMware now may not run. To my surprise (and pleasure) VMware runs.

So, I wonder how "dependent" Vmware is on xinetd? Have I created some future bigger problem with any other programs that relate to xinetd removal?
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