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Hi All,

I am replying on this thread as its under the same subject.

I followed the above mentioned tutorial to the T. I even installed a box from scratch to test that it works.

Now everything goes fine except for the final step, and that is authenticating a share from samba. I would like a certain share to be only available to a certain group.

So as mentioned, i did everything from the tutorial, but added the step

smbldap-groupmod -m ricky "Domain Users"

I then created a share in samba like so :
comment = Docs
writable = yes
path = /media/docs
public = yes
browseable = yes
create mask = 0777
read only = no
valid users = @"Domain Users"

Forgive me if i am being an idoit here, but from my understanding, ricky is a user in LDAP, and also a meember of the Domain Users group, but when I try and access the share, it keeps asking for a username and password, and the username and password set up from LDAP for ricky doesn't work.

I know LDAP works fine, and samba works fine (if i take valid users out i can access the share.) Am i missing anything?

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