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Angry reconfigure screen resolution, debian or ubuntu

Installed both ubuntu 8.04 / debian 4.0.
Neither one let me set or reconfigure the screen resolution.
My monitor is an Orion 19" flat screen, model os-9f.
Video cards used:
SIS 630 integrated on mother board.
Rage 128 Pro, Ultra 32m AGP, p/n 1025-14030-00062.
Both run the monitor in 1024x768 or higher resolution in Win XP PRO.
On both Linux installs, did not get the xserver screen resolution, screen.

How can I reconfigure the screen resolution. i did try to use the configuration utility in Debian, with no luck, saving the new resolution settings.

What makes this more frustrating, is that Ubuntu 8.04 worked good at one time, with the higher resolutions.

This problem started after Ubuntu 8.04.1 / the last windows hotfix.
The hot fix caused problems with Zone Alarm firewall in Win XP Pro.

Also EX2Ifs_1_11 no longer worked, had to reinstall EX2Ifs_1_10c, which seems to work.

Any help will make my day better.
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