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Default elgg install trubble

Yes mod_rewrite is installed and enabled. It is elgg-0.9.2. I am trying to install. I see in the docs this.
HTML Code:
Your  Apache configuration  must have AllowOverride set to All for the directory where Elgg is installed.
How do I check this? Thanks. There are no errors in apache because I did not try to install without the.htaccess file and it will not bring up the install with it in the root. I am using Apache 2.2
New info...I was looking in the vhost for the site I am trying to setup elgg on and this is what is in there.
HTML Code:
<Directory /var/www/web4/web>
   Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews
   AllowOverride None
   Order allow,deny
   allow from all
   AddHandler mod_python .py
   PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
   PythonDebug On
Dose this need to be changed? if so please tell me what to change and why so I can understand. thanks

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