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Unfortunately, the "perfect setup" doesn't work with ISPConfig3. In ISPConfig2 they used several programs that are not yet compatable with ver3. since ver3 is a complete re-write (and only a Beta) it is set to work with a select few programs which do not include Bind or Sendmail as in previous versions. Also, the big thing, ver2 was not compatable with multiple servers like ver 3 is so the setup for ver2 only includes files needed to get 1 machine running with ALL services on that 1 machine. I know that certain services like mydns only need to go on the nameservers and postfix only needs to go on the mailservers, what I don't know is which packages are needed just to make ver3 run. This way, for example, I can install the minimum amount of pkgs and mydns on each nameserver, and the minimum amount of pkgs and postfix/courier on mailservers and control all of them from 1 instance of ISPConfig.
I hope that explains a little better what I am trying to do.
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