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Default ISPConfig on Multiple Servers

Sorry to sound stupid but I am very new to ISP Config in general and I need to use it on multiple servers so I am playing around with Beta3. I followed the instructions included with the file and was able to successfuly setup a single server. Now I would like to wipe that one and setup multiple servers but I am not sure which (apt-get) files should be installed on which machines. Here is what I am setting up.
each of these is it's own machine with it's own public IP. The ispconfig machine will only be used to logon to and control the other machines. I know I have to do the advanced install and set them to the main DB which will be installed on (ispconfig) machine but which files need to be on which machine.

Thanks very much, I am an IT manager for a large company and I know how frustrating noobs can be but a month ago i had never used linux and now I have 2 bind machines and 3 apache servers up and running just from reading and doing so I will try not to be too much of a burden.
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