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Question Here we go again: My server rejecting emails

Here is the error from email bounced back. All my other accounts appear to be fine.

<> (expanded from <>): can't
create user output file. Command output: ==================== QUOTA:
6291456000 INBOXSIZE: 51190606 MAXMSG: 2147483647 [24889] warn:
auto-whitelist: open of auto-whitelist file failed: locker: safe_lock:
cannot create tmp lockfile
/var/www/web4/.spamassassin/ for
/var/www/web4/.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock: No such file or directory
procmail: Error while writing to "/var/mail/"

****END of Bounced mail error******

In the "Spamfileter and Anti-Virus" for this account I have:

Spamfilter: checked
Anti-Virus: Not checked
Spam Strategy: discard
Spam Hits: 5.0 (what does increasing or decreasing this number do?)
Rewrite Subject: checked
Subject: ***SPAM***
Use URIBL: checked
Spam Whitelist: No entries
Spam Blacklist: No entries

Under "User and Email" tab I have:

WebSpace MB: 10000
MailSpace MB: 6000

Administrator: checked
Shell Access: checked

For the client account under the tab "Basis" I have:

Space MB: 150000
Traffic MB: 20000
Traffic Exceedance: Notify

Max User: 500
Max Domain: 500

Below that everything is checked except:

PHP Safe Mode
Anonymous FTP

The system is not creating anything from "/var/www/web4/" on so ".spammassasin" etc. does not exist.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

If I start deleting tons of emails it will probably fix itself like before but I'd really like to actually know why this is happening. Should I remove quota????

That is the only thing that I can think of.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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