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Ive now done the setup and it works correctly...

LVM for /boot is not possible as GRUB has a problem with it. LVM for / is not possible as Xen wont load the right modules and it does not do the vgchange -a y vgscan thingies... I think it can be done by building a ramdisk (a next project )
LVM for other filesystems is possible: I now have it running with only my /var and a data volume /local in LVM. This will make snapshot backups, extending filesystems en moving to new hardware easy...

SMP with Xen is kinda strange. You really get the feelling you are building a single cpu kernel as the XEN config will not show the SMP options in de CPU section. After booting from the succesfull kernel build you will not see additional CPUs in the top program.

However XEN will use ALL the processors availible for loading the virtual machines, you can even assign a CPU in the config file by setting cpu=0 or cpu=1 or cpu=#.

A SMP virtual machine is not possible in XEN 2.0. A virtual machine can only use 1 cpu. All that goodness is saved for XEN 3.0 where that is possible... However, Falko seems to have found a bug in networking with Xen 3, and i guess solving it will take its time.


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