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Smile ssh chroot works, but no scp for chroot users

Hi all,

(I was in error scp works, sftp does not. scp only worked for winscp after i changed the permissions for: /usr/bin/groups to -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 19 Jan 27 09:26 groups)

Ive build my very own ssh chroot setup! Thanks Falko. However i was planning on using it to let users upload there data to my server. This is way is way more secure than the clear txt passwd ftp thingy

However, after building the ssh chroot folowing the howto: Normal users scp fine, chroot users get the error: Server refused to start a shell/command. (Using winscp, scp from other debian systems is ok: after i copied the scp bin to the chroot env)



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