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for the first part, i use the following logon.bat in the samba netlogon folder

cd H:
IF NOT EXIST "H:\My Documents\." MD "H:\My Documents"
regedit /s \\fds8\netlogon\redirect.reg

# H: is the user home directory specified in smb.conf
# redirect.reg will set the registry for redirecting my documents

to create redirect.reg, logon to to your windows xp computer that is part of the domain, make sure the H: drive is mapping correctly. manually create a 'my documents' folder. modify this registry entry to redirect my documents.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Personal]

change the value of the key to \\%L\%U\My Documents
(im not sure if this is the correct value since im not by the computer)

export the registy key to redirect.reg then copy redirect.reg to your netlogon folder so that the batch file can find it.

now when a user logs is, My documents is redircted to %L = servname\%U = User folder\ My Documents <<< which is created if it does not exist already.

i hope this helps. i can clarify more once i get by a computer with the settings already there.
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