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Originally Posted by till View Post
Please make sure that you enabled smtp authentication in the client and that the client uses the same username and password for smtp auth that he uses for pop3.

If this wont work, please compare the email setup of your server with the perfect setup for fedora 6, it might be that you have a typo anywere in the initial setup as you post sounds that you never used smtp auth before on this server.
Well I have been cut and pasting most everything, just changing server names, so unless there is is a typo in the instructions they are identical.

No, I used to have this working before I updated to a new server a couple years ago. Just given it is not critical to our operation I have ignored it, but now need to get it working for someone working remotely.

Looking at the above log clips. What should a working system say? In the one where I required auth, does it not look like the auth is working?
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