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Default Client SSL send email issues only.

Have had this server up for a couple years. Gets email and sends mail fine inside the network.

Web clients can send and receive mal.

Remote clients can get email, but not send.

Fedora 6 (I know old but so far been able to upgrade apps so why rebuild)
Newest ISPConfig
Newest Postfix.

All done to Falkos Perfect setups.

Have read and read, but most in this seem to end up being client issues. But I have tried many different clients in every possible way.

If I don't require SSL
Jun 25 15:33:30 server04 postfix/smtpd[9011]: warning:[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure
Jun 25 15:33:30 server04 postfix/smtpd[9011]: disconnect from[]
If I do.
Jun 25 15:36:59 server04 postfix/smtpd[9011]: setting up TLS connection from[]
Jun 25 15:37:02 server04 postfix/smtpd[9011]: TLS connection established from[]: SSLv3 with cipher RC4-MD5 (128/128 bits)
In either case the mail doesn't go out.

I'm out of ideas.
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