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Originally Posted by brokenshadows View Post
the other thing I noticed is that even though I followed falko's instructions on disabling apparmor, it restarts every time I reboot the machine...but I don't think the bind9 error has anything to do with apparmor considering the error is the same whether apparmor is running or not
well I suggest continuing learning linux coz it's a wonderful thing...
now, your problem at hand...
the chances of getting proper help on the forums grows as you provide good info..
so before anything else > what Linux flavour are you using ( they all differ a little > places of configs / commands etc... )
are you familiar with file permissions ( does 777 / 644 ring a bell ? )
owner permissions ? ( not all users can run all services )...
I've got to go for a couple of hours, but will be back in 2-3 from now on

Windows, the only virus you pay for
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