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Default Quota configuration error/ suse 9.3

Originally Posted by Bailx
I'm following the perfect suse 9.3 howto, except i've been modifying things a little bit since i'm running the 64-bit version.

when installing apt i went with the top two listed here (haven't tried jmorris, but should it matter?)

for my sources.list, i've been using this

everything has been going fine, except when I got to mysql & mysql-devel. It's telling me failed: cpio: Bad magic. It seems that this would mean corrupted packages...

no doubt i could get this installed in some other way, but I was trying to follow the howto as best as I could, so that perhaps other people could benefit...

any help that someone might lend would be appreciated.


i too use 64 bit version and followed the how to steps as neccesary changes for 64 bit. but when i tried to install apt-get , i got following error. pls give me a hint .

please chkeck my steps.

su93254144:/etc # rpm -ivh
su93254144:/etc # rpm -ivh

install apt on suse 9.3/64 bit

su93254144:/etc/apt # vi sources.list
# A very basic sources.list file.
# Remove "base" in case you are behind a slow connection.
# Fastest repository comes first, with netselect it is possible to determine
# the fastest repository easily.
# Visit the server to determine which apt components are provided.
rpm ftp://mirrors.mathematik.uni-bielefe...inux/suse/apt/ SuSE/9.3-x86_64 update security rpmkeys
rpm SuSE/9.3-x86_64 update security rpmkeys

# The list with all available components can be found at:
# Some components provide experimental software, select wisely!

# Consult the link above if you want to include uri's for src rp

su93254144:/etc/apt # apt-get update
apt-get: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Now i also can't use yast - i , instaed of apt-get , because when i use yast - i packagename , system asked some missing system libries. Pls try to resolve the atleast yast .
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