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Originally Posted by matzhu View Post
I was about to post saying that I had the same problem when I discovered that I could access my server through port 81 from a remote connection. I disabled my firewall (Comodo) and voila: connection. I then added port 81 to Comodo's port sets and all is well.

I went ahead and posted this mainly because it seems that something changed with Comodo since yesterday as I was able to access through 81 at that time. I assume it's an update as I have not touched any settings in Comodo since the problem started.
i am also using this f$%^$%^ing firewall!!
(sorry for my language!!!)
added port 81 to http port set and all is ok now!
thnk you mate!

also thnk you falko for your time and help!
i think that if it was something related to the certificate i would get an error indicating this but the browser would allow me to continue to the site
that is what happens to every site i have visited with an ssl certificate error (expired, self signed, wrong domain, etc)
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