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Default suse 9.3 install: E: Couldn't find package ncftp

I'm ruuning on a pentium 4, (T30 laptop) which I believe to be a 32 bit system.
The file you ask for is
A very basic sources.list file.
# Remove "base" in case you are behind a slow connection.
# Fastest repository comes first, with netselect it is possible to determine
# the fastest repository easily.
# Visit the server to determine which apt components are provided.
rpm ftp://mirrors.mathematik.uni-bielefe...inux/suse/apt/ SuSE/9.3-i386 update security rpmkeys
rpm SuSE/9.3-i386 update security rpmkeys

# The list with all available components can be found at:
# Some components provide experimental software, select wisely!

# Consult the link above if you want to include uri's for src rpms


I was able to make good progress regardless, using Yast and apt together. It took a bit of doing, but so far
I seem to be ok. Thanks a bunch for a useful howto. It is nice to know that the expertize is there when needed.
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