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Originally Posted by falko
Are you sure you followed the tutorial to the letter?
Well, I was drinking heavily at the time, but I'm pretty sure I followed along.

Obviously, something did not work quite right. So I won't let myself off the hook completely, but I followed the instructions as closely as possible. The only areas where I am aware that I deviated from the instructions was in creating the initial user account. I did not name it "Administrator" because I did not notice that was required. I also installed the SMP kernel as I have a server with dual PIIIs.

The first place I noticed some deviation from expected responses was in the area involving "quota." I believe that I got some error responses at that point. I attemtped to redo that section in case I made a mistake and got similar results. I decided to plow ahead anyway, on the basis that perhaps those actually were the expected responses. What the heck do I know?

Then when I attempted to test the setup with:
smbclient -L localhost -U%
I noticed that the "print$" line was missing. But the instructions said the output should look similar to the one shown. I figured I would at least complete the installation before peppering the board with questions.

And in the CUPS web interface, I get this line at the top of all pages:
Administrative tasks have been disabled for security reasons. Please use Menu System > Administration > Printing.
Since I am airing all my dirty laundry here. The other problem I have noticed is that when I close my Windows workstations down, they get an error message regarding "roaming profiles." It doesn't appear to be affecting anything. So it was going to be my next plea for help after I solved the CUPS issue, which is preventing me from printing. But who knows? maybe it's related. So I'll throw it in for completeness' sake.
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