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Originally Posted by xtine View Post
1) When testing my server on and, the tools reports back that "No MX records for '', using its A record(s)". I don't understand why this is since ISPConfig shows that I have MX records set up, and file displays the MX records. What am I missing?
Please check if your name server is responsible for the domain. you can do that by running
dig ns
Originally Posted by xtine View Post
2) Mail sent to Yahoo Mail goes straight to Spam Folder. I read that one common issue is if the mail server has open relay. I checked my server using the diagnostic tool on mxtoolbox, and it says that the server is not open relay so that's not it. Someone else suggested using a signature, I did, but there's no impact either. Mail still gets sent to the spam folder. (But this doesn't happen on Gmail, the mail goes to my Inbox on Gmail just fine.) I wonder if problem #1 causes the problem #2?
Please check if your server is blacklisted:
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