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Default MX and DNS records

My platform
OpenSuse 10.2
Postfix 2.3.2_28
ISPConfig 2.2.23

DNS configs
Using "example" in lieu of my domain name, and in lieu of my IP)
* I run my own DNS server as primary, and use 1and1's as secondary
* In ISPConfig, under ISP Manager: Co-Domains set up for and, with DNS MX unchecked
* In ISPConfig, under DNS Manager:
- A Names set up for,,,
- MX set up for for priority 10, priority 20
- SPF set up for for
* I also checked that the above records are in my /var/lib/named/ file

mail MX 10
MX 20 A
www A
ns1 A
mail A A --- somehow I have two of these, do I need to delete the A Name from ISPConfig? Does the creation of a Co-Domain in ISPConfig automatically create an A Name? Does this extra line matter? TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all"

What's working
* DNS is working, I'm able to browse (via browser) to the domain name and co-domains set up in ISPConfig. I'm also able to ping the domain and various sub-domains.
* I'm able to hook up Outlook client to my mail server, have successfully send and received emails to/from Gmail/Yahoo Mail.

What's not quite working
1) When testing my server on and, the tools reports back that "No MX records for '', using its A record(s)". I don't understand why this is since ISPConfig shows that I have MX records set up, and file displays the MX records. What am I missing?

2) Mail sent to Yahoo Mail goes straight to Spam Folder. I read that one common issue is if the mail server has open relay. I checked my server using the diagnostic tool on mxtoolbox, and it says that the server is not open relay so that's not it. Someone else suggested using a signature, I did, but there's no impact either. Mail still gets sent to the spam folder. (But this doesn't happen on Gmail, the mail goes to my Inbox on Gmail just fine.) I wonder if problem #1 causes the problem #2?

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