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I feel like kicking myself in the ass for not thinking about this. I guees the exicement of running everything in linux caught me offgaurd. Anyway sorry for making this my personal blog thread . So here it goes.

I ran win/apache + DynSite client before I installed VMWare and Fedora as a guest OS. I removed apache for win32 but kept DynSite installed. When trying to clean the system and deciding whether or not to remove DynSite, it suddenly occured to me that I can still use DynSite to update my IP! Since Fedora and Widnows + DynSite are on the same network, the AP/Router will take care of the site requests.

So there it is! A newbie guide to updating your Dynamic IP. If you have a windows unit set up on your network, installing a DNS client on it will reduce the headaches. I would like to add that linux has 1 less thing to run every 3 minutes.
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