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Originally Posted by falko
You can copy your .htaccess file to the Apache Directives field (you must use the <Location> directive if your directives are meant for a subdirectory only), or you can use the .htaccess file itself. If you get an error, then something is wrong with your .htaccess file.
Hi Falko,

Can you do me a favor and give me a example of how to do this? Like I said, Linux is new to me, and I'm amazed I got this far with ISPConfig. I am trying to copy and paste the contents of the .htaccess file into the Apache Directives field, but the site is still not working. I know when Wordpress creates the .htaccess file, it puts in in a sub directory. I don't understand how to place it there, or how any of this works. Could you please give me a example? Thank you.
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