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Hey Tom,

Thanks for the comments, although I have to admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to any form of linux. It's all trial and error my friend.

The Spamsnake tutorial was written after numerous tests and I have to say, it does work very well. It does everything that I want it to, although I am always looking for ways to make it better.

I built it and offered it to the community because of the high prices of Spam Filters. I mean come on, who wants to spend even more just to keep the junk out rite? I was thinking of setting up a website for The Spamsnake, but just don't have the funds nor do I want to charge for it.

If you need any additional help, just post it here or send me an email at roc1479 at comcast dot net.

Home of the SpamSnake
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