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Question http access to remote OpenVPN clients via OpenVPn server


The situation:
I have a number of OpenWRT (Linux distro for embedded devices) based routers out there, which I manage via Ubuntu 8.04 LINUX server they all connect to. The Ubuntu server has a public IP address, the router do not. To be able to address them the Ubuntu server is running an OpenVPN server, the routers connect to the server on start-up. I can ping and ssh into the routers from my server - no problem.

What I want to achieve:
The routers have a web GUI which is accessed via normal http. I would like to connect remotely to the routers' web interface through a browser. I would like to do so without having to have OpenVPN installed on the accessing PC/workstation. This would obviously have to work through the Ubuntu server, as only the Ubuntu server with the OpenVPN server has any knowledge of the OpenVPN network and clients.

I figure this should be possible with port and/or IP forwarding, once I am connected via http or https to the Ubuntu server, but I do not understand enough about networking to make this happen.

Can anyone provide some ideas/hints how this can be achieved?

Any input is welcome.


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