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I had that problem trying to load it on an 8.04 jeos setup. I didn't comment out the 1st and 4th check_dir lines and instead changed the user and group to 'postfix' and 'www-data' and the set the MailScanner.conf 'Run as Group' to 'www-data' as well. That fixed the missing /var/lock/subsys/MailScanner problem and both MailScanner and postfix start without errors now. I'm not completely finished with the rest of Rocky's setup so not totally sure I didn't break something else with the Run As Group change but don't think so. Rocky would probably know. I also edited the init.d version of mailscanner rather than going at it through the S20 link under /etc/rc2.d -- same difference. So far that's the only snag I hit -- good instructions!
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