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Default Dangerous

I know most of this is without warranty, but I thought other users might like a warning or two or a note on how to prevent problems or make recovery easier.

Also it isn't clear that remastersys is a dangerous program that alters fundamental system information. It is being touted as something that simply acts like another backup, something like tar but with the ability to create live CDs.

There is a difference between partition resizers, formatters, defraggers, or other programs that there is a high risk of rendering the system inoperative or destroying data, and programs that might zap one or two files. It is somewhat more risky than a dist-upgrade and something should be there to note that instead of the blanket "no guarantee".

remastersys is in the "high potential for damage category" when it fails, and it can fail simply because there is not enough free space on /home for the entire image and auxiliary files, and it does not contain any instructions about how to recover from a failure - what not to delete, or how to manually reconstruct the damaged UIDs.
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