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hello, guys,

I am use UTF-8 TOO.
after you login , you can see the correct menu(I mean after translate menu)?


Originally Posted by digicon View Post
am new at ispconfig, now i have translate Isp config in japanese from english, i have already change all en.lng files by the direction from this forums, (i make jp.lng files )
but the problem now i am facing is ,
1. after completing translation including changing the charshet of changed it to UTF-8) , when i add client and login to that client management by browser, then nothing can be seen in browser. (firefox)
2.if i login by using Internet Explorer, the management tools doesnt reloaded,
its give a massege like
Ordner werden geladen....
Loading folders....

is that anything probelm of my setting over tranlating? or the charshet i have choosed for ispconfig (UTF-8) is not appropiate for the translation of ispconfig.
on the other hand, the distribution is centos 5.1 ,and running over the kernel
please give me some suggegsotion.
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