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Originally Posted by telcontarius View Post
You're right, but to my defense, I have to say I only looked at ISPConfig 2, which I think isn't enterprise-ready.
Yes. ISPConfig 2 was developed as a easy to use controlpanel for single "root" servers.

How far away are you from a release of ISPConfig 3, how much is there left to do?
Most things are in place. I expect a final release in the next 2 months. In the meantime,there will be more beta releases.

Please be aware that ISPCnfig 3 does not has its final interface design yet, it is just some kind of development design at the moment. ISPConfig 3 is fully themable and the interface uses ayax.

Do you have a more recent VMWare image that I could take a look at? The one I found in another post is almost 3 years old. Does anyone use it in a (semi-)production environment?
Have a look at the bsticky posts in this forum, you will find the latest downloads and announcements for releases there:

There has been much progess since this beta release. I recommend that you update the vmware image with the following commands:

cd /tmp
svn export svn://
cd trunk/install
php -q update.php
This is not the final update method, but it works fine and the update script guides you trough the update process. By the way, the mysql root password in the vm is "ispconfig".
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