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Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig supports distributed authentication, LDAP is not the only way to handle this. ISPConfig uses mysql as central authentication source. The data can be either replicated trough mysql master > slave replication or a mysql cluster or trough the builtin replication in ISPConfig.
It's not the only way, but I think its the best one ... of course, that's a matter of opinion ;-)

Originally Posted by till View Post
All changes in ISPConfig 3 are stored in a transaction log and can be rolled back or replicated to other systems. ISPConfig also supports to configure stand by systems with identical configuration.

ISPConfig 3 is completely modular, based on plugins and events. If you want to have your users in ldap, just write a plugin for it that listens on the user_insert and user_update event and inserts the users into ldap then.
That sounds interesting.

Originally Posted by till View Post
You should have a deeper look into ISPConfig to fully understand it before you judge that it is not enterprise ready.
You're right, but to my defense, I have to say I only looked at ISPConfig 2, which I think isn't enterprise-ready. How far away are you from a release of ISPConfig 3, how much is there left to do?

I looked at ISPMan, the functionality is cool but the interface is horrible. The ISPConfig interface, on the other hand, is quite nice, but ISPConfig 2 is not distributed and not enough is virtualized for my needs. It also seems like a dead project. I was horrified when I saw the bugs in the 1.2 release and that I was expected to CVS update to get a newer version in the 1.2 tree (no further minor releases were made).

Do you have a more recent VMWare image that I could take a look at? The one I found in another post is almost 3 years old. Does anyone use it in a (semi-)production environment?

-- tel
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