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Originally Posted by till View Post
No. Its not that we dont want it, just I will not implement it as primary authentication source at the moment. If someone who is familar with LDAP is willing to implement it as additional Authentication source, we will add it in the main distribution.
Ok, that's a different matter then. I said that because two months ago you wrote "We decided that we will not use ldap as it is much too complicated to setup for most users."

Originally Posted by till View Post
Generally, ISPConfig 3 supports any IMAP or POP§ daemon that is able to authenticate against a SQL server. Just the installer of current Beta writes only config files for Courier, thats all. The current Beta also supports just debian and ubuntu, this does not mean that it will not support other distributions in the finel version
Ok. So more advanced features such as support for shared folders (cyrus) would also have to be implemented, right?

Originally Posted by till View Post
By the way guys, if you complain about missing features or that I dont implement this or that, sit down and start coding and I will intergrate it in the main distribution. I'am not able to write the code for everything alone if you want to see all features soon. I start with the most requested and common featues.
I don't currently have a debian or ubuntu testing box available. I wanted to download the VMWare image from your other post but it's from 2005. Is a newer version of the image available?

-- tel
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