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I've looked at most existing FOSS web control panel applications and I find ISPConfig to be one of the best (easily the best in terms of user interface and such). Though it has some drawbacks, especially not everything being virtual.

Unfortunately the drawback of ISPConfig, as with almost all other control panel applications, is that it is not distributed. I've read that ISPConfig 3 will be able to manage multiple servers and I was very happy to hear this. But then, on another thread, I read that it will not use LDAP.

How will ISPConfig 3 handle authentication? Will you have separate users on every machine? Would this not defeat the very purpose of handling multiple servers? I read that you're not going to be using LDAP because it is too difficult for most users to set up. I rather disagree; it is no more or less difficult than setting up a complex mail system, and can be done easily with the proper documentation.

The only control panel software that I know that handles distributed authentication and multiple servers is ISPMan. Unfortunately, it has a number of drawbacks:
- project is currently not very active
- very poor release management: release versions have severe bugs, one is supposed to use "cvs update" to get new minor versions.
- very poor documentation
- tedious user interface

It does use LDAP, and the functionality is mostly there (except for database / phpmyadmin integration), but its pretty dead and the user interface sucks.

One advantage of ISPMan is that changes are transaction-based and can be committed as a batch, and are propagated to other servers by an agent. This works really well, and I'd love to see this in ISPConfig.

-- tel
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