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Originally Posted by till View Post
Is this really a technical issue? Just a guess: If a customer runs a HA setup, the server will most likely have very much traffic. As all traffic is included in the price of the current servers, hetzner just might not want these high traffic customers or any new customers with high traffic anymore as the bandwith they consume are for sure above there mean price calculation...
I agree, this is a very plausible explanation. After all, taking a look at the pricing:

DS3000 = 1000GB/Month = 49 = 0.049/GB

Everything that goes over the 1000GB/Month costs 0.09/GB, almost twice as expensive. Therefor it's cheaper to use a high-availability(HA) solution in terms of traffic, if you're using a lot of traffic. Of course, there's other ways to do this, but HA is of course nice to have... I mean, it IS highly available! :-P

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