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Hi Till,

thank you for the answer. Now I probably did not write what I was thinking

I know ISPConfig only writes the config files for the separate daemons - but I was thinking more in the lines of load protetion or firewall rules. Or bandwidth management or something.

And to answer the question: yes I have spamprotection and antivirus activated. But I thought the spamfiltering and antivirus checking takes place as the mail enters the server?


Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig writes just config files, not more and not less, so the speed of deamons has nothing to do with ISPConfig. For example, ISPConfig is no IMAP server and does not provide IMAP services at all. Your IMAP server is e.g. courier or dovecot or cyrus or any other imap daemon.

Tools > Software version. But as stated above, this has nothing to do with your problem.

Are you sure that the problem is related to IMAP at all? Maybe you enabled spam and antivirus scanning?
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