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Originally Posted by zcworld View Post
problem i can see maybe
you can only have one VPS ( server in Vm) access to the outside world
unless you have the master box running apache with proxy to hangle all of the forwarding out act

but than how can users put files on there access ....

but once you get around that problem ... killer way of doing it

live backups .... with no to little down time ... unless something else bad happens ....
I've got at the moment 8 IP's Each VMware server will have it's own IP.
This will look like I've got 8 servers, with all the needed things runing in it like FTP, Apache and so on.. (not sure if 8GB will be enought for this)
Only problem is that (in case of 8 servers) I will need to split the HDD in something like 9 parts (1 part for the main OS running the VMserver(s), and 8 for each server)

Originally Posted by falko View Post
I think it's a good solution!
I think so too. I'll report back on how it did work out for me.
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