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Default Final hurdle: How to generate SSL Certificate for Outlook?

Hi all, my first post here :-)

I've just followed the EXCELLENT article here:

and I now have a fully working server running postfix etc.

I'm looking for some final final help, and that is: how can I generate a certificate for Microsoft Outlook, so that I cna use postfix in TLS (SSL) mode? I know I need to export in p12 format using openssl but I just don't know the correct parameters.

As per the HOWTO document above, my files are


I can export a certificate, and import it on WIndoze (via Internet Explorer), and I have chanegd /etc/postfix/ to have smtpd_tls_auth_only = yes, but when I send within Outlook i get the annoying "certificate isn;t trusted do you want to continue" - with every message I send! Obviosuly I'd like to suppress that message as I know the server is trusted.

Many thanks in advance,

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