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Default ISPconfig & Webmin : admin failed connection

Hi everyone,
I've been searching quite a bit for an answer to this one.
Using the perfect setup on Debian Etch, I had almost no trouble installing ISPConfig first, then later on, after having used the ISPconfig admin quite a bit for several websites.

I decided to install Webmin to manage different settings on my server. No problems after that, but after setting up Iptables from the Webmin interface, https://www.domain.tld:81/login.php gives me a "Failed connection" error.

I suspect it might be related to the Iptables setting, so I tried allowing TCP in and out of Port 81, then restarting the server, without result.

Does anyone have a clue exactly what could be triggering a failed connection like this.

I should add that webmin, also on https (port 10000) works fine (even without a port setting in iptables), and the same goes for every apache2 website I have configured with ISPConfig.

Thanks for your help.
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