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Unhappy problems with hosts.deny and denyhosts - cannot get it to stop

Dear All,

this one drives me nuts. I had denyhosts installed on my server (installed Perfect Ubuntu server 7.10 upgraded to 8.04, runnning ISPConfig) and is working well - to well in fact. My own IP address keeps being blocked, although I have entered it with ALL: a.b.c.d in hosts.allow and also into /var/lib/denyhosts/allowed-hosts
This is very annoying, as even just logging into my website may trigger this. Certain pages with mysql queries will set this off, ftping into the site with SmartFTP etc. Nothing like this happened beofre I installed denyhosts.

But now it gets weared. Even when I stop denyhosts with /etc/init.d/denyhosts stop my IP address will still be appended (yes, I checked there was no denyhosts process rung with ps aux | grep deny). I can even remove the package with apt-get remove denyhosts. The system will still keep appending my IP address.

Am I seeing ghosts? Is there something else that could update deny.hosts? (I do run monit, munin, snort, prelude and OSSEC on the server).

I just cannot get rid of this #@!@!#@!

Can anyone help?

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