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Originally Posted by mikeyr
I called to double check and they claim not to be blocking any ports at all (although its at home, its a business account and supposed to be open to the world).

I can telnet to ports 25, 110 and 993 and get connected, 993 never returns which I assume is correct, it at least connects.

telnet 465
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on
 port 465: Connect failed
So something else is not correct, this non-connect explains why nothing shows up in the logs. For now, I am using TLS but any ideas ?

netstat -tap does NOT show 465, it shows 10024, 10025, 3306, 80, 25, 993, 995, 110, 143, 22
How's your IPTables and firewall configs? IPTables won't show up in the logs unless you're logging that particular rule.

Do you get any messages in the postfix logs at startup?
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