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Default Are you sure you have your root FS compiled in kernel?

Originally Posted by JL84
I went through the whole process of upgrading to kernel 2.6 and I made sure that the initr-img was in the right place, but when I loaded with the new kernel 2.6 it gave me another error. The boot was trying to find /sbin/init/ and /dev/console/ where would those be entered in so that the kernel can load?
I had the same problem with my upgrade to 2.6.8.
At first the kernel didn't boot at all, but after i
did mkinitrd and added the initrd image to grub menu.lst I had the same results as you had written.
As it turned out, I forgot to compile ext3 support into the kernel, which is needed if you have ext3 as the root fs (/).

Hope this helps someone.
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