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Problem #1
In my server i have two network interface
1 for lan: eth0 (private IP) ( <--- for give to the lan administration and internet service
1 for wan: eth1 (

Answer #1
configure /etc/network/interface

iface eth1 inet dhcp #I put that first to give the gateway of the wan connection

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

auto eth1

then restart de interfaces
/etc/init.d/networkin restart

configure /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost server1

echo > /etc/hostname
/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname

continues in page:

Problem #2
But, when i made emails i cant do users
Only give me the message: That User exists

Answer 2:
Well the problem was the hosts!!!

In my case:
Only i can send message, but i cant received!!
And what i do for this case to resolved that problem!?
Well the problem was the DNS of the server
Go to https://localhost:81
and then go to management - server - settings - DNS
Default NS1: (yahoo dns)
Default NS2: (localserver)
Default MX: On

now I can send/receive msg


I hope that i can help some persons !!!

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