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Default Server can't "see" the internet

Hi folks!

Probably this may be a common error, caused by a little mistake of myself during the installation process. Please let me know what's going wrong.
This problem is similar as what i found on this thread:

When i try to send a mail via Uebimiau, inside ISPConfig, i receive this error:

It was not possible to send this e-mail
SMTP Error: Recipient not accepted. Verify your relay rules
I verified my DNS settings on my DNS server, and everything is fine. The DNS server finds the mail server without a problem. My .zone file on the DNS server shows:

MX 5 ---> Our mailboxes actually are hosted on an external ISP.
MX 10 --> This is our internal mail server.
I asked a friend to test if he can "see" the mail server from outside my network. After using the command

This result appears:

Starting against []
with 32 bytes of data:
Request server timeout
Request server timeout
Request server timeout
Request server timeout
Statistics of Ping to
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% of lost)
Probably something is blocking the transmission/receiving of packets from/to my network. What will i have to do? Shall i have to change settings of my DNS server? Or the problem might be the firewall?

Any help it's welcome!
Best regards,

Luciano Pereira Areal
Linux Network Administrator
E4W Internet Solutions
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