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Default 3 Problems with user rights and apache rights

Hi out there,

I have the following three problems:

1. rights in /var/www/webx/web are set to world-readable
--> this means all joomla-admin-users can install joomla-Explorer and can read the configuration.php and see the db-password
2. apache runs as www-data while the domain-groups are set to webX (/var/www/web/...) --> if the instance starts as a user in group webX then the first questions is solved (I think) if and only if ispconfig sets the rights in the correct way?
3. webX-Users are often deleted and new created so that these users are also deleted in manually created unix-groups.
I have a subversion group an would like to add some users which in turn get rights to read and write to specific repositories.

I think #1 has #2 as reason --> is it possible to run apache as user for each domain instead of www-data and create the rights accordingly?

Is it possible to patch ispconfig not to delete users so that they persist in own unix-groups?

I have searched and googled a lot but don't really understand the influence of apache-configuration on ispconfig.

Is there a solution for my problems - or a workaround?

many thanx in advance for any suggestions!

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