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Originally Posted by stlshawn
OK, so i'm now in ""'s site, and i'm going to add an A record for The question is do i use the main IP for the server ( or the ip for the site itself (
It doesn't matter, as long as the IP address is on the same server and a public one.

Originally Posted by stlshawn
In ISPConfig's software, do i add it under "dns records > > (records tab)" then under the A record, and the MX record, or just the MX record?
Don't use ISPConfig's DNS Manager for this domain because's name servers are authoritative for this domain!

Originally Posted by stlshawn
And Finally,
Under "management > Server > Settings > DNS (tab)" , should i put in a real DNS server, or should i use itself ( And, should i check the "Default NX" box?
See above.

Originally Posted by stlshawn
This is going to seem a very simplistic question, but in a different post, i read that the mailbox was not created until a mail was sent to the user, how would one send a mail to someone in a non-existant server (unless i'm supposed to from like yahoo mail or somewhere). I know that in slackware, it can be done using "pine", but i don't believe i have this in debian.
Let's say you have a user web1_test with the email address, and it has been created by ISPConfig. Your server has the IP address So in your email client (e.g. Outlook Express, Thunderbird) you use as SMTP- and POP3-server, specify web1_test as user and his password. Then you can use this account to send an email from to himself.
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