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Talking mail server ip

OK, so i'm now in ""'s site, and i'm going to add an A record for The question is do i use the main IP for the server ( or the ip for the site itself (

In ISPConfig's software, do i add it under "dns records > > (records tab)" then under the A record, and the MX record, or just the MX record?

uebimiau seems to still not want to let me log in when i just put these variations in ISPConfig's software, but i have not edited zoneedit's info yet.

And Finally,
Under "management > Server > Settings > DNS (tab)" , should i put in a real DNS server, or should i use itself ( And, should i check the "Default NX" box?

Sorry, but i keep editing this post,,,,,, This is going to seem a very simplistic question, but in a different post, i read that the mailbox was not created until a mail was sent to the user, how would one send a mail to someone in a non-existant server (unless i'm supposed to from like yahoo mail or somewhere). I know that in slackware, it can be done using "pine", but i don't believe i have this in debian.

Thanks for any help, you linux people rock!

Shawn (green with envy for your knowledge) .
Linux,,,, you mean them penguins, right (or could they be puffins)?

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