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I'll try to modify the two class (ispconfig_isp_kunde.lib.php & ispconfig_isp_reseller.lib.php) for insert into sys_user table the field name, vorname, email, domain, ..... but it don't works.

Can anyone can tell me where (the line) I can add my code.

Thanks a lot

Exemple of code I'll try to insert into ispconfig_isp_kunde.lib.php at the line 105 (insert new client) :
$kunde = $go_api->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT * FROM isp_isp_kunde where webadmin_userid = '$userid'");
$vorname = $kunde["kunde_vorname"];
$name = $kunde["kunde_name"];
$strasse = $kunde["kunde_strasse"];
$plz = $kunde["kunde_plz"];
$ort = $kunde["kunde_ort"];
$telefon = $kunde["kunde_telefon"];
$fax = $kunde["kunde_fax"];
$kunde_email = explode("@", $kunde["kunde_email"]); $email=$kunde_email[0]; $domain=$kunde_email[1];
$land = $kunde["kunde_land"];
$sql = "UPDATE sys_user (vorname,name,strasse,plz,ort,telefon,fax,email,domain,land) VALUES ('$vorname','$name','$strasse','$plz','$ort','$telefon','$fax','$email','$domain','$land') WHERE doc_id = '$userid'";

Otherwise, I have another idea.
Why do not to modify the file to get back the information unavailable in the table sys_user.
What do you think of it?

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