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Thanks for the additional clarification Till.

You are right. I took a closer look at the suPHP documentation of the latest Debian suPHP package and it says:
"paranoid": Run scripts with owner UID/GID but also check if they match the UID/GID specified in the Apache configuration
However, it also says:
The default is "paranoid" mode.
So apparantly that doesn't seem to be a valid reason not to use the Debian package.

When I created my package, I used Hans' howto (see How To Set Up suPHP On A Debian Etch Based ISPConfig Server) as a guide line and not the one Falko mentions and it worked just fine. In that howto, some minor modifications are made to mod_suphp.c. I don't see those modifications in Falko's howto though, so apparently they are not very important and maybe not even necessary.

Bottom line: it's still a mystery to me why we can't use the regular Debian suPHP package. I think it's worthwhile though, to make ISPConfig work with the Debian package instead of having to manually update suPHP with each new release. And if I'm not mistaking, we can expect 0.6.3 soon
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