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Default Debian suPHP security patch

Last year I crafted a Debian package for suPHP (see topic suPHP in custom Debian package). Last month a Debian security patch was released. Unfortunately the person who manages my system forgot all about the special suPHP package and installed the default Debian package. As can be expected, that caused a few problems.

Because I'm not an experienced Debian software developer, I remember having quite some difficulties figuring out how to create a Debian package and solving all related problems. Unfortunately I didn't document the whole procedure. The quickest solution I could think of for the problematic situation, was to just take the sources of the new Debian package, apply the source modifications, recompile the module and manually replace That seems to have solved the problems for the time being and if I can find the courage and spare the time, maybe I will create a new Debian package later.

The possibility to install the default Debian suPHP package, would obviously be the preferred and less error prone solution for this situation. In fact I don't really know why we need this customized version. Is there anyone who can shed some light on the reason why we can't use the regular Debian suPHP package in combination with ISPConfig?
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