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Hi Till,

the /root/ispconfig/php/php.ini file has been set in this way:
error_reporting  =  E_ALL
I cannot change the main settings of the error_reporting because my projects needs it. However, is there a way to set it only for the ISPConfig project?

Furthermore, why ISPConfig has not every variables checked?
For instance, I can see in the code of the login.php file that the line #32 is not written correctly.

PHP Code:
$err intval($_GET["err"]); 
instead of
PHP Code:
$err = (!empty($_GET["err"]) && is_numeric($_GET["err"])) ? intval($_GET["err"]) : 0
I would like to help you as web developer but I have tried some difficulty to update my online version to the last svn version of ISPConfig.

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