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Originally Posted by falko
From the howto:

Then mod_rewrite is enabled.
You can then define rewrite conditions/rules in an .htaccess file, in the Apache Directives field in ISPConfig or by using the forward mechanism for Co-Domains (forwarding uses rewrite rules).
Thanks Falko. I guess I did that when setting up ISPConfig, just didnt know how to activate it. So let me see if I understand this. I dont actually upload a .htaccess file to the directory I need it in, I just set the define the rewrite rules in a .htacces file and put that file in the Apache Directives Field? Thanks in advance.

Oh, I need the .htaccess in a subfolder of the main site it seems. Do I still put the .htaccess file in the Apache Directives Field? When I upload the .htaccess file directly to the subfolder, the site fails. When I delete it, everything is fine again. Thanks.

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