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Originally Posted by till
I dont know what you exactly did, but ISPConfig 3 does not use these two directories and if they are used, ispconfig 2 is installed on your system and you can not install ISPConfig 2 and 3 together on the same machine.

I use the update script daily, it works just fine. ISPConfig 3 never uses /root/ispconfig or /home/admispconfig, so maybe you created them manually?
I installed ispconfig beta on a newly installed server.
Then tried to update using the svn.tar.gz version which didn't have any script (either install.php or update.php) then by downloading the current svn using svn directly which was ok.
The svn version had both update and install script but both stopped saying that I had version 2 installed. I think the beta version created the directory under /root, since I never installed ispconfig2 in my life.

About mydns problem I made an error in configuring the domain, I forgot to put dot . at the end of the domain in the zone configuration

Made some test and it seem to work properly.
So the new mydns-ng till version 1.2.7 works out of the box.
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